Pak Studies Chapter 3 Long Questions | 2nd Year Notes


Pakistan Studies Chapter # 3 ( Long Question )

Pakistan Movement ( English )

Q.1:- Write the note on the partition of Bengal.

Q.2:- Write a note on the Simla Delegation.

  1. Formation of the Delegation
  2. Demands of Simla Delegation
  3. Response of Viceroy Lord Minto
  4. Importance of Simla Delegation

Q.3:- Why Muslim League was brought in to existence explain objectives of the Muslim League.

  1. Establishment of Muslim League
  2. Causes of the Establishment of Muslim League
  3. Objective of All India Muslim League
  4. Achievements of Muslim League

Q.4:- Why was Khilafat Movement started? Explain its three objectives.

  1. Objectives of the Movement
  2. Delegations
  3. End of the Movement

Q.5:- What was the Pakistan Resolution? Write down its three points and what was the Hindu reaction after it had passed in the meeting?

Q.6:- Write a note on Cripps Mission?

Q.7:- Write a note on Simla Conference.

Q.8:- Write down a comprehensive note on Cabinet Mission plan 1946.

Q.9:- Write a note on 3rd June 1947 Plan?

Q.10:- Write down the 14 points of the Quaid-e-Azam?

Q.11:- Write a note on Allahabad Address of Allama Iqbal 1930.

Q.12:- Why were 1945-46 general elections arranged? What was the gain of the Muslims in these elections?

Q.13:- Write down the names of member of Cabinet Mission Plan 1946.

Q.14:- Write a note on Right of Separate Electorate.

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