Pak Studies Chapter 7 Long Questions | 2nd Year Notes


Pakistan Studies Chapter # 7 ( Long Question )

Pakistan And International Relations ( English )

Q.1:- What is meant by Foreign Policy? Explain the basic principles & objectives of the foreign policy of Pakistan?

  1. Definition of Foreign Policy
  2. Principles of Foreign Policy
  3. Objectives of Foreign Policy
  4. Determinants of Foreign Policy

Q.2:- Discuss the relation b/w Pakistan and China.

Q.3:- Explain the relations b/w Pakistan and India.

Q.4:- Discuss the relations of Pakistan with Islamic World.

  1. With Iran
  2. With Afghanistan
  3. With Saudi Arabia
  4. With Bangladesh
  5. With Indonesia
  6. With Libya
  7. With Turkey
  8. With Egypt

Q.5:- Write the comprehensive note on Economic Co-operation Organization (ECO).

Q.6:- Write a note on the organization of Islamic Conference.

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