Physics Chapter 3 | 1st Year

Chapter 3 Notes | Physics 1st Year

“Motion and Force”

  1. Define Following:chapter-3-physics-1st-year-notes
    1. Displacement
    2. Velocity
    3. Average Velocity
    4. Instantaneous Velocity
    5. Acceleration
    6. Average Acceleration
    7. Instantaneous Acceleration
  2. Write down the applications of velocity-time graph?
  3. State the Newton’s laws of motion.
  4. Define the term momentum?
  5. Describe the Newton’s second law of motion in term of momentum.
  6. Define the term Impulse.
  7. Show that impulse of a force is equal to the change in linear momentum.
  8. State and prove the law of conservation of linear momentum for an isolated system of two balls moving in the same direction.
  9. Differentiate among the elastic and inelastic collision.
  10. Describe the elastic collision of balls in one dimension for the case of isolated system.
  11. Find out the expression of force on a wall due to water flow.
  12. Describe the rocket propulsion as a special case of law of conservation of momentum and Newton’s 3rd law of motion.
  13. What do you know about projectile motion? Find out the expression of horizontal and vertical distance at any instant of time.
  14. Find out the expression of instantaneous velocity for a projectile.
  15. Describe the motion of a ballistic missile as an application of projectile motion.

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