Physics Chapter 7 | 1st Year


Chapter 7 Notes | Physics 1st Year



  1. What do you know about the oscillatory motion?
  2. State Hook’s law.
  3. Define SHM and Restoring Force.
  4. Show that an object attached to a horizontal mass spring system executes simple harmonic motion.
  5. Define the term for an object executing SHM.
  6. Derive the expression of displacement, velocity and acceleration for an object executing SHM by considering uniform circular motion.
  7. What do know about the term phase?
  8. Derive the expressions for angular frequency, time period, displacement and velocity for the vase of horizontal mass spring system.
  9. Find out the expression of time period of simple pendulum.
  10. Prove that law of conservation of energy is satisfied for an object executing SHM.
  11. Differentiate among free and forced oscillations.
  12. What do you know driven harmonic oscillator.
  13. Define the term resonance. Also describe few examples of resonance phenomenon occurring in daily life.
  14. Define the term damping.
  15. Write note on damped oscillations.
  16. What do you understand by sharpness in resonance.
  17. Describe the effect of damping on resonance and its sharpness.

Exercise Short Questions:

  1. Name the two characteristics of SHM?
  2. Does frequency depend on the amplitude for harmonic oscillator.
  3. Can we realize an idea simple pendulum?
  4. What is total distance traveled by an object moving with SHM in a time equal to its period, if its amplitude is A?
  5. What happens to period of simple pendulum if its length is doubled? What happens if the suspended mass is doubled?
  6. Does the acceleration of simple harmonic oscillator remains constant during its motion?

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