International Islamic University Islamabad Launches Online Support System for Students


The International Islamic University Islamabad is going to introduce the Online Support System for its students. Many students are facing difficulties while studying online. After receiving complaints related to this issue, the Administration of International Islamic University tried to resolve this problem. According to the details, the IIUI finally create the Online Support System with a tracking mechanism.

The International Islamic University Islamabad is leading among the top 250 universities in Asia. It is one of the well-known and unique educational institutions in Islamabad. Now, they recently launched the Support system for their beloved youngster of IIUI. They provide quality education to the students.

Online Support System:-

The International Islamic University Islamabad designed an Online Support System. The tracking sensor in this system enhances the uniqueness of this new system. Its functionality is that they assigned a specific ticket number to the applicant who signed in for the first time. The purpose of this system is to permit students and employees to register their complaints or issues, and they can easily track the progress of their complaint by entering the tracking number.

The IIUI management requested the staff members and teachers register their complaints on this newly designed Online Support System. Additionally, this online portal contains a knowledge base comprising general information such as the Learning Management System (LMS) and open book examination. Students can also register their complaints directly to any department using the online portal.

For any query, visit IIUI Support and register a complaint at OSS.

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