The competition for scoring higher marks among the SSC & HSSC students is increasing with time. The teachers, parents, friends, and family are more concerned about students’ marks than the student themselves. It seems to be a healthy practice as it creates a sense of competition among the students to work harder to get better results. But at the same time, it is lowering the confidence of students getting less marks than their competitors. Both teachers & family members humiliate the students for not scoring equal marks, even if there is a difference of 1 or 2 marks.

So, regarding finishing this complex among the students, the Federal Board has decided to change the annual marks system into a grading system. Now the 9th & 10th Class (SSC) and 11th & 12th Class (HSSC) students will view their annual board results as grades. The result of the 9th & 11th classes will be published according to the grading system from this year. At the same time, the grading system will be implemented on 10th & 12th class result from 2024.

Initially, the results will be provided by mentioning the marks, grades, and GPA. From 2025, no marks will be mentioned on the results. The results will only have grades, GPA, and CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average). 

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FBISE Federal Board New Grading Formula

For this purpose, the Federal Board FBISE has provided us with a grading formula. View the grading formula from the image below.

Letter Grade In Percentages Description  5.0 Scale (GPA) 

For 1 Credit Subject

A++ 95% to 100% Exceptional  5.0
A+ 90% to 94% Outstanding  4.7
A 85% to 89% Excellent  4.3
B++ 80% to 84% Very Good  4.0
B+ 75% to 79% Good  3.7
B 70% to 74% Fairly Good  3.3
C 60% to 69% Above Average  3.0
D 50% to 59% Average  2.0
E 40% to 49% Below Average  1.0
U Less than 40% Unsatisfactory  0


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