The Punjab board’s 2nd annual exam (Supplementary exams) has started. So, many candidates are looking for guess papers. So, here we will share the Mathematics (Science) guess papers for the 10th class 2nd annual exams 2022. In Punjab, all boards will conduct the 10th Class Mathematics Paper on 07 October 2022, Friday, in the morning and evening sessions. So, our guess papers will help the students greatly in their exams. So we suggest all students review the topics/exercises before the exam. However, below is the all-important questions/chapters/exercises of 10th Class Maths (Science) from which the question might be asked in the Paper.

10th Class Math (Science) Guess Paper

  • CH#1:  Ex:1.1 Q:2,3, Ex:1.2 Q:1,3,5,6, Ex:1.3 Q:1 to 4,15,16, Ex:1.4 Q:1 to 6. (Examples 1,2 of each exercise)
  • CH#2: Ex:2.1 Q:1,2,8,10, Ex:2.2 Q:1(2,5,6,7,8),Q:3,4,5, (example1,2) Ex:2.3 Q:1,5,6 (example3,4) Ex:2.4 Q:1,2, Ex:2.5 Q:1 Ex:2.6 Q:1, Ex:2.7 Q:1to5,7,8,9 (example 1,4) Ex:2.8 Q:1to4.
  • CH#3: Ex:3.1 Complete, Ex:3.2 Q:8 to 13, Ex:3.3 Q All, Example: 7,9, Ex:3.4 Q:2, Ex:3.6 Q:1, Q2(iii)
  • CH#4:  Ex:4.1 Q:1 to 5, Ex:4.2 Q:3,4,5, Ex:4.3 Q:1,2,4,8 Ex:4.4 Q:1,2,5(examples of ch4 only 1st from each exercise)
  • CH#5: Ex: 5.1 Complete, Ex:5.2 Q:3,4, Ex:5.3 Q:1,4, Ex:5.4 Q:1 Ex:5.5 Q:1,2,3, Properties of A.M
  • CH#6: Ex:6.2 Examples Related with G.M, H.M, Q:3,4,6,7,8, Ex:6.3 Complete,
  • CH#7: Ex:7.1 Complete, Ex:7.2 Q:4,5,9,10, Ex:7.4 Q:1,2,3,4,5,8,11,19,20,18,21,23, Ex:7.5 Q:1,2,3,4,5,6
  • Theorems
  • Ch#9 (2,3,5) & Ch#12 (2)
  • For Short Questions: Definitions & Review Exercises of All Chapters.

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