10th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2019 | Punjab Board

SSC Part 2 Chemistry Guess Paper 2019 Punjab Board

Shorts Questions

All text book (Test Yourself and Exercise Questions Only)

10th Class Chemistry Long Question

 Dynamic equilibrium and its characteristics
 Reactions of acids
 Types of salts
 Law of mass action and equilibrium constant
 Acid and base Lewis theory
 Homologous series
 Functional groups
 Alkanes and their hylo junction
 Alkynes, alkenes and alkanes features or characteristics
 Classification of organic compounds
 Carbohydrates and their forms
 Acid rain and its effects
 Ozone and its eliminations
 Sources of proteins and their uses
 Vitamins and their types
 Greenhouse effect and Global warming
 Water hardness and its types
 Atmospheres and its layers
 Salve process and its working
 Preparation of urea.

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