10th Class Computer Science Guess Paper 2019 | Punjab Board

SSC Part 2 Computer Science 2019 Punjab Board Guess Paper

Steps of problem-solving.
algorithm. ,analyze the problem,desk checking,program,syntax,types of error,Flowchart complete,pg # 7 ex. advantages and limitations of the flowchart.
Ch 2
Modes of operations in GW Basic. IDE. Versions of Basic. Structure of BASIC,
Loading the program. Structure of BASIC program. Character set. Reserve words. Types of variables & constant, CLS, CLEAR kill, auto, delete Name and Renum commands. Operators types complete, Type conversion. Read data restore input, print statements. Use of coma and semicolon with the print statement.
The control structure its types.goto, On goto statement. Err, ERL. Resume ,resume,next. If then else. For next while wend loop. Nested loop.
Array. Subscript and simple variable. Fill and print array. DIm statement. 1-D 2-D Array. Fill and print 2 D. array manipulation.
Ch 5:
Function. Built-in and user-defined. Int fixes mid right function. Subroutine. Open read-write and close the sequential file.
Graphics. Modes of graphics, screen, Color statement. Line circle and draw statement. Pset
MS Word. Characteristics. Toolbar. Menu bar. Views. Shortcut. Open and save. Dropcap. Indentation,print preview,save & save as,short cut keys, undo,redo,cut,copy,past,clipboard.
All exercise MCQs, blanks

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