1st Year Biology Guess Paper 2019 Punjab Board

Biology 1st Year Guess Paper 2019 Punjab Board

Biology Guess Paper 2019

ChapterIMP Questions
1Bio in the service of mankind (health, food, environment ) Biological method.
2Carbohydrates, lipids, level proteins.
3Factor affecting rate reaction
4P.membrane.Golgi apparatus, cytoskeleton, lysosomes, mitochondria,plastids
5TWO Five-kingdom system life cycle phage virus.aids
6Structure of bacterial cell.nutrition fact.
8Nutrition Reproduction, Basidiomycota, the imp of fungi.
9Anthoceropsidia, Evolution seed & leaf,life cycle adiantum,angiosperms,imp rosacea, Solanaceae, Poaceae
10Protostomes & deuterostomes, parasitic adaptation Platyhelminthes. Mollusca.chordate characters.
11Light, Dar reaction Kreb cycle, Glycolysis
12Nutrition insectivorous plants.stomach.absorption food
14Ascent sap,blood,lymphatic system,transpiration,comparison open & close system.

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