1st Year English Guess Paper 2019 Punjab Board


English 1st Year 2019 Guess Paper Punjab Board

1st Year English Guess Paper 2019

Questions ch (1-15)
1.what was the viewpoint of the parents of Gorgeous?
2. How much dangerous a Martian virus can be?
3.what was the advice of Harry gave to people?
4.condition of Roger when the woman gave hin few jerks?
5.why Robert keep claiming of his innocence till his death?
6.advice of Ausherman to people?
7.qualities of veterans of creative suffering?
8.why people come out at the mall?
9.what was the role of Qazi?
10.what was the dream of Luther King?
11.what was the cause of Negro discontentment?
12.Maulvi Abul appearance?
13.condition of the tonsils of sick girl?
14.how Gorgeous achieve his ambition?
15.why Steward continued persuading Norma?
PLAYS (1,2,3)
1. How did the girl realize the truth?
2.what kind of judge Applegarth?
3.how kreton impress general power?
4.purpose of visit of kreton?
5.Harry ‘s philosophy of life?
6.why did Clark already return?
7.what type of life you foresee in 5000?
8.why didn’t girl accompany the first man?
9.what Clark already need money?
10.why did 2nd man accuse first man?
1.How does cherry look?
2.what did traveler see in the desert?
3.without whose love Bullah in loss?
4.why Mansour mount the gallow?
5.who cannot compete for civilization of Makkah?
6.why did people look like powerless and helpless?
7.what did poet reflect when he saw a sindhi woman?
8.who was Ozymandias?
9.role of time in human life?
10how reader frighten the rider?
character certificate, change of subjects’remission of fine, readmission
union is a strength, greed is a curse, honesty is the best policy’pride hath a fall; might is right’
pairs of words; first 80
Urdu translation
Button Button, clearing the sky, locusts, God is praised, overcoat.

»Plays # 1,2.
» Important poems for stanza explanation & Questions.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, 13, 14, 16, 19.
» Letters
1) To father for telling the causes of failure.
2) To Friend for condoling the death of his mother.
3) To Father increase the monthly allowance.
4) To mother/father why you dislike hostel life.
5) To friend/brother/sister congratulate for success in exams.
6) To mother/father who is worried about your health.
» Applications
1) Sick leave.
2) Re-admission.
3) Grant scholarship.
4) Change of subject.
5) College leaving certificate.
6) Character certificate.
7)Fee concession/Remission of fine.
» Moral Stories
1) Slave & lion (kindness never goes unrewarded/Do good have good)
2) Farmer & his sons (Union is strength/United you stand divided you fall).
3) Woodcutter & Angel (Honesty is the best policy)
4) Foolish Stage (pride hath fall/all that glitters is not gold)
5) Three friends & bag of gold ( Greed is curse/As you sow so shall you reap/one who digs a pit for others falls himself into it)
6) Two friends & bear (A friend in need is a friend indeed)
7) King & spider (Try try again).
Book 1 stories:
Ch#1: Q#1,2,3,5,7.
Ch#2: Q#1,2,3,6,7,8,9.
Ch#3: Q#1,3,4,7,8.
Ch#4: Q#2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10.
Ch#5: Q#1,3,4,6.
Ch#6: Q#2,5,7,8,10.
Ch#7: Q#1,2,4,5,7.
Ch#8: Q#1,3,4.
Ch#9: Q#2,3,4,6,9,10.
Ch#10: Q#2,4,6,7,8,9.
Ch#11: Q#1,2,3,4,6.
Ch#12: Q#1,2,4,5,7,10.
Ch#13: Q#1,2,4,5,8.
Ch#14: Q#1,2,3,6.
Ch#15: Q#1,3,5.
»Translate into Urdu
(The package was laying…… Mr. Steward will call you at 8.00 P.M.)
(They went into the living room…. you will receive a payment of $50,000.)
(The package was laying by the front door……she’d throw it in the morning.)
(I’m just saying……All this furor over a meaningless button)
(She felt unreal as the voice informed……she couldn’t care how it was put together)
(This is the way, Jess……That’s why I remember this mountain)
(Oh no no he said as he began…….hard & softwood trees)
(That brings back something to me…..in the heart of wilderness right on the mountain top)
(Ch#2: page#13, 14.)
Ch#3: (page#18, 1st half)
(Nonsense! ….. David looked at his shoes.)
(For a long time there was only the sound of wind….rockets will get through someday)
(Harry Bittering moved into metal shop…..at metal shop rocket frame began to rust)
(She was a large woman with a large purse…..until his teeth rattled)
(Sweat popped out on the boy’s face…..the woman still held him by his neck in the middle of her room)
(In another corner of the room…..and he did not want to be mistrusted now)
(when they finished eating…..I hope u will behave yourself)
(After the meal had concluded…..harness man saw u pick up the pocketbook)
(Mr. Hubert went along….Mr. james owner of pocketbook)
(Our talk at club one day…..the man who keeps on wins the race)
(there were a young fellow…..hundred yards at his school)
(Both parents of Gorgios….it only remained to inaugurate him)
(please come down as soon as you can……photogravure sections of Sunday papers)
(Both mother and father almost turned themselves inside out……they would take the responsibility)
(Then I grasped the child’s’ head……my face was burning with it)
(Sheikh Sa’di was a great story teller……the king also became displeased)
(A king fell seriously ill…..looked towards the sky and smiled)
(One evening as the sun was setting……they beat him well & let him go)
(when he had overtaken them……now observe its effect on a human being)
(At once Richard shouted at the cook boy…….to make it acrid & black)
(looking out, all the trees were queer……well, ur lucky)
(but Margaret preferred…… well what then was ruin?)
(I am not unmindful…….let us not wallow in the valley of despair)
(I have a dream that one day the state of Alabama…..and all flesh shall see it together)
(This is our hope…….when all of us will be able to sing with new meaning)
(one dollar and eighty-seven cents…….the other thing was Della’s hair)
(Jim was never late…….what a beautiful gift I got for you)
(Maulvi Abul sighed and wiped the tears from his eyes…..a little raw sugar with bread)
(In the crowd……as if they were a gift from there)
(one evening in January…….the pavement thronged with pedestrians)
(By now it was past seven…….he played a few notes & closed it again.)
(when the couple had walked…… truck was no more to be seen)
(beneath the scarf…….his neck was clean & well powdered)
(I had a vexing dream last night……why noting them down must be a comfort for you.)
(it was more for the sake of talking……I asked him)
(I also reminded him of four balcony seats……there was nothing to grumble at.)
» Pairs:
Edible Audible, Heal Heel, Cast Caste Cost, Corps Corpse Carcass, Tale Tail, Advice Advise, Award Reward, Sell Sell, Course Coarse, Sweet Sweat, Affect Effect, Bare Bear, Cite Site Sight, Cease Seize, Unable Enable, Elder Older, Bail Bale, Stair Stare, Rain Reign

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