2nd Year Chemistry Guess Papers 2021 | Punjab Board

2nd year Chemistry Guess Paper 2021

2nd year (12th Class) Chemistry Guess Papers

Are you looking for a Chemistry Guess paper 2021? If yes, then you are definitely in the perfect place. The Board of Intermediate and Secondary education Pakistan has announced the commencement of annual board exams through its official websites. As the exam date is nearer, we are providing guess papers for the ease of students. The guess paper is essential for every student. We have provided you with the quality guess paper for grade 12. these (2nd year chemistry Guess Paper) are made by our professional and experienced educational team. These guess papers are helpful for all students and valid for all Boards. After prepare these guess papers, you will get at least 50% marks in the 12th class (2nd year). 

Note: Don’t Just rely on these guess papers, Please check our Easy Chemistry 2nd Year notes and Solutions.

Chemistry is compulsory as well as a complex subject too. So, students tried to study the essential things at the time of exams. So, We have provided all these guess papers and Paper Scheme pf all the subjects. You can view the 2nd year guess paper of the chemistry below.

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2nd year Chemistry (Guess Paper) important Long Questions

Chapter # 1
Position of hydrogen
Periodic trends (ionization energy?
Chapter # 2
Peculiar behavior of lithium and beryllium and lithium + preperation of nelson and down cell
Chapter # 4
Preparation of sulphuric acid + nitric acid
Chapter # 6
Corrosion + properties of transition elements
Chapter # 7
Reforming + cracking + hybridization + classification of organic compounds + isomerism
Chapter # 12
Aldol + Cannizzaro
Chapter # 9
Atomic orbital treatment + friedal craft reactions
Chapter # 11 
Preparation of Alcohol from molasses+ reaction and preparation of phenol
Chapter # 10
Sn 1 + sn 2 , e1 + e2
Plus conversions

2nd year Chemistry (Guess Paper) important Short Questions

  • Diamond is a non-conductor but graphite is a good conductor Why? 
  • Define ‘‘Electron Affinity” Why is the second electron affinity value positive? 
  • Why is the first ionization energy of Mg greater than that of Na?
  • What is the Borax bead Test?
  • How does NO act as an oxidizing agent?
  • Why is dinitrogen oxide called Laughing gas?
  • How is H3PO4 prepared on a large scale? 
  • How urea is prepared from Ammonia?
  • What are micronutrients required for proper growth of plants?
  • Give significance of potash fertilizer 
  • How is Portland cement made? Why is gypsum added to the cement? 
  • HF is a weak acid. Why?
  • Write four uses of Bleaching powder.
  • How can bleaching powder act as an oxidizing agent?
  • What are polycyclic aromatic hydro-carbons? Give two examples.
  • Write structural formula of: a) Naphthalene b) Diphenyl methane
  • How will you prove that benzene has cyclic structure?
  • What happens to benzene during Friedel Crafts reaction? Give the mechanism of one reaction.
  • What do you know about ozonolysis?
  • What is the difference between Aldehyde and Ketone?
  • Why is Tollen’s test also called the silver mirror test?
  • What is the silver mirror test? Give an example.
  • What is vinegar? How is it prepared from ethyl alcohol?
  • Differential between Homocyclic or Heterocyclic compounds.
  • What are Amines and Imines? Give one example of each
  • Explain geometrical isomerism with examples. 
  • Define Cis-Trans Isomerism. Give one example. 
  • Alkanes are less reactive than Alkenes, comment.
  • What is polymerization? How high quality polyethene is prepared from ethene?
  • Why does Alkane show least-reactivity?
  • Give the mechanism of SN1 reactions.
  • Define nucleophile and substrate with an example.
  • What is rectified spirit? How is absolute alcohol obtained from it?
  • Give oxidation of primary and secondary alcohols.

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