Chemistry Chapter 10 | 1st Year


Chapter 10 Notes | Chemistry 1st Year



  1. Introduction
  2. Oxidation State and Balancing of Redox Equations
  3. Electrolytic Conduction
  4. Electrode Potential
  5. The Electrochemical Series
  6. Modern Batteries and Fuel Cells

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Key Points

  1. Electrochemistry is the branch of science which deals with the conversion of electrical energy to chemical energy and vice versa.
  2. Electrolytic conduction is carried out by the ions produce when an ionic compound is in fused state or dissolved in water. Electrolysis is the process in a chemical reaction take place at the expense of electrical energy. Electrolysis is used for the extraction of elements and for the commercial preparation of several compounds. It is also used for electroplating.
  3. A Galvanic or a voltaic cell produces electrical at the expense of chemical energy. Electrode potential is developed when a metal is dipped into a solution of its own ions.
  4. The potential of standard hydrogen electrode is arbitrarily fixed as 0.00 volts. Electrode potential of an element is measured when it is coupled with standard hydrogen electrode. When elements are arranged in order of their standard electrode potentials on the hydrogen scale, the resulting list is known as electrochemical series. Electrochemical series is used to predict the feasibility of a redox chemical reaction.
  5. Modern batteries and fuel cell include lead accumulator, alkaline battery, silver oxide battery, nickle cadmium cell and hydrogen oxygen fuel cell.
  6. The oxidation number is the apparent charge which an atom has in a molecule. Redox chemical equations can be balanced using oxidation number method and ion electron method.

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