Chemistry Chapter 8 | 1st Year


Chapter 8 Notes | Chemistry 1st Year

 “Chemical Equilibrium”

Index :

  1. Reversible and Irreversible Reactions
  2. Applications of Chemical Equilibrium in Industry
  3. Ionic Product of Water
  4. Ionization Constants of Acids
  5. Ionization Constants of Bases
  6. Lowry Bronsted Acid and Base Concept
  7. Common Ion Effect
  8. Buffer Solutions
  9. Equlibria of Slightly Soluble Ionic Compounds (Solubility Product)

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Key Points :

  1. The reversible chemical reactions can achieve a state in which the forward and the reverse processes are occurring at the same rate. This state is called state of chemical equilibrium. The concentrations of reactants and products are called equilibrium concentrations and mixture is called equilibrium mixture.
  2. Law of mass action provides the relationship among the concentrations of reactants and products of a system at equilibrium stage. This ratio of concentrations of the products to the concentrations of reactants is called equilibrium constant.
  3. The value of equilibrium constant can predict the direction and extent of a chemical reaction.
  4. The effect of change of concentration, temperature, pressure or catalyst in a reaction can be studied with the help of LE-Chatelier’s Principle.
  5. Water is very weak electrolyte and ionizes to a slight degree. The extent of this a auto-ionization is expressed by ionic product of water called Kw, Having a Value 10 e -14 at 25 Degree Celsius.

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