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Computer Science 10th Class Guess Paper 2021

As you all know, matric (SSC-II) exams are nearer, and the students are looking for guess papers of 10th class subjects. The papers will commence from 12th July, and the students are still in search of guess papers. So today, we have shared the important guess papers of the computer science subject of 10th class 2021. You can download it in pdf format too.

On this website, you will get the best and unique guess papers of computer science for the matric class 2021. Now, you don’t need to buy guess papers from shops. You can easily view the guess paper Online from our website. FSc Online provides you with the updated guess papers. We prepared these guess papers from the smart syllabus. The guess papers are not authentic. But, we will assure you that preparing for this will help you get good marks.

The computer science guess papers of grade matric class include important short questions and long questions. Our guess paper provides the students with a complete direction about which questions should be learned within a short time to obtain good marks. Our guess papers also useful for average students as they can prepare in a short time. The important guess paper of computer science given here.

10th Class Computer Science (guess paper) Important Short Question

  • Differentiate b/w Problem solving &
    Problem identification
  • Steps to be followed to solve a problem
  • Differentiate b/w Problem analyzing &
    DocumentationAlgorithm & purpose of refining an
  • Differentiate b/w Desk checking &
    Computer program
  • Differentiate b/w Coding & programming
  • Syntax of programming language
  • Errors that occur in a computer program
    Syntax errors
  • Write causes of logical errors. Why logical
    error is the most difficult error?
  • Difference b/w run-time errors & logical
  • Flow charts & its advantages & limitations
    Compare flow chart & algorithm
  • Define Basic language. Who & when GW
    Basic developed?
  • Important features of BASIC language
  • How is Basic program saved?
  • How many modes are there in GW-Basic? /
    Direct & In-direct mode
  • What does IDE stand for?
  • Write the purpose of use of AUTO, MKDIR,
    DELETE, CLEAR, CLS commands
  • Differentiate b/w LIST & LLIST commands.
  • What are variables in GW-Basic?/ Numeric
    & String variables
  • What are constants?/ Numeric & String
  • Differentiate b/w variable & constant
    Reserved words/ keywords
  • Define Loop, Write its types & uses.
  • Control structure & its types
  • Differentiate b/w selection structure &
    sequence structure
  • Describe the conditional &unconditional
    transfer of control in BASIC?
  • Write the syntax & use of Go—To
    statement, ON ERROR GOTO statement,
    While ….Wend loop, FOR….NEXT loop,
    NESTED loop
  • Differentiate b/w GOTO….and ON GOTO
  • Differentiate b/w outer & inner loop
  • Define Array & write its advantages
  • Differentiate b/w subscripted variables &
    non subscripted
  • Define elements and index of an array

10th Class Computer Science (guess paper) Important Long Question

➢What is problem solving? Write down its steps.
➢ What is analysis? Describe its importance in solving a problem.
➢ What is the design algorithm? What is the next step in design algorithm?
➢ What is desk checking? Describe its importance.
➢ What is debugging? How many types of errors can occur in a program?
➢ What is flowchart? Describe important symbols used for drawing flowchart.
➢ Discuss advantages and limitations of flowchart.
➢ What is BASIC language? Give its purpose. In how many modes, GW-Basic can operate?
➢ Define program. What are fundamental rules of programming?
➢ Define variable. Write the rules for naming variables in BASIC.
➢ What are constants? Describe the types of constants used in GW-Basic?
➢ Write a note on LOAD, KILL command with example.
➢ Differentiate b/w arithmetic operators, relational operators and logical operators. Describe their
➢ Define control structure. How many control structures are available in BASIC?
➢ What is meant by transfer of control?
➢ Explain GOTO statement, ON….GOTO, IF…THEN ELSE, FOR…NEXT statement, WHILE WEND
Statement? Explain with examples.
➢ What is NESTED LOOP? Explain the nested FOR—NEXT loop.
➢ What is an array? Define elements and index of an array.
➢ Describe the use of subscript variable in array.
➢ Write a note on DIM statement.
➢ What is two-dimensional array? How can it be declared? Write its syntax and give an example.
➢ What is meant by Manipulation of array?
➢ What is a sub program or a module? Describe its purpose & types.
➢ What are built in or standard functions.
➢ What are user defined functions? Explain with examples? Also describe the DEFFN statement
with example.
➢ Define graphics. What is a co-ordinate and how it is determined?
➢ Define IDE in Basic and briefly explain the functionality of its different modes.
➢ What is the purpose of SCREEN statement, COLOR statement, PALATTE statement, CIRCLE
statement, DRAW statement in BASIC?
➢ What is meant by Title bar, Menu bar and status bar? How many elements are there?
➢ What is meant by saving a document? Write steps to save a word document.
➢ What are Headers and Footers? How they can be applied to the document?
➢ What is spell checker? How can you run the spell checker in MS-Word?

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