Computer Science CS 1st Year (11th Class) Guess Paper 2021 | Punjab Board

Computer Science CS 1st Year (11th Class) Guess Paper

Computer Science Inter (Part-I) Guess paper 2021

As you all know, Inter (HSSC-I) exams are nearer, and the students are looking for guess papers of 11th class subjects. The papers will commence from 07 August, and the students are still in search of guess papers. So today, we have shared the important guess papers of the computer science subject of 11th class 2021. You can download it in pdf format too.

On this website, you will get the best and unique guess papers of computer science for the inter class 2021. Now, you don’t need to buy guess papers from shops. You can easily view the guess paper Online from our website. FSc Online provides you with the updated guess papers. We prepared these guess papers from the smart syllabus. The guess papers are not authentic. But, we will assure you that preparing for this will help you get good marks.

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The computer science guess papers of grade inter class include important short questions and long questions. Our guess paper provides the students with a complete direction about which questions should be learned within a short time to obtain good marks. Our guess papers are also useful for average students as they can prepare in a short time. The important guess paper of computer science given here.

1st Year CS (Guess Paper) important Questions

i) Give an example of data and information ?
ii) List primary components of Computer system?
iii) Define Application software ?
iv) Write down different components of an Information System ?
v) Give two reasons for the importance of computer network ?
vi) What do you know about work group computing ?
vii) Why we use workgroup computing ? viii) What is the function of Internet ?
ix) What is DSL?

x) State the use of Repeater ?
xi) What is MAN? Give an example ?

xii) Distinguish between LAN and WAN ?
xiii) What is De-facto Standard ?
xiv) How de jure standard differs from de facto standard ?
xv) Define Network Topology ? xvi) How tree topology is constructed ?
xvii) Define data communication ? xviii) List out types of data ?
xix) What is Fiber Optic ? xx) What is Communication Satellite ?
xxi) Define Broad Band ? xxii) Define reprographics ?
xxiii) Why does SRAM use less power than DRAM?

xxiv) Differentiate between ROM and RAM ?
xxv) Differentiate between PROM and EPROM ? xxvi) Define computer bus ?
xxvii) What is expansion bus ? xxviii) What is DMA ? Define it .
xxix) State the purpose of data segment register?
xxx) Write down the function of memory address register?
xxxi) List some general purpose register ?

xxxii) Define instruction register ?
xxxiii) Define Register ? xxxiv) Define general purpose registers ?
xxxv) State the purpose of input / output
instruction ? xxxvi) Give two parts of instruction format ?
xxxvii) How does an instruction differ from operation?

xxxviii) Why we use operating system ?
xxxix) Distinguish between low level and high level language ?

xl) Define port ?
xli) What is the use of biometrics for data security?

xlii) Explain virus activation in computer ?
xliii) How does virus spread through networks ?

xliv) How does a boot Sector Virus Work ?
xlv) Define Hacker ? xlvi) Enlist any four different types of viruses ?
xlvii) State the purpose of password ?
xlviii) Why does a computer need an operating system ?

xlix) Give some example of GUI operating system ?

l) What is meant by Multi user operating system?

li) What is the role of Window Explorer ?

lii) What is the most powerful feature of worksheet and why ?

liii) What is Named range ?

liv) Write functions that totals cell B3 through B10?

lv) What is Chart ?

lvi) Define DNS Addressing ?
lvii) What is Email ?

lviii) Define Email attachment ?
lix) Differentiate between asynchronous and
asynchronous ?
lx) What is bandwidth ? Explain bandwidth briefly?
lxi) Differentiate between compiler interpreter ?
lxii) Differentiate between the Serial and Parallel Ports?
lxiii) Differentiate between the ROM and RAM ?

lxiv) What is computer virus ?
lxv) Define the types of viruses ?
lxvi) What do you mean by plug and play ? Does Windows 2000 provide the feature ?
lxvii) Give a comparison between Command Line operating system and Graphical User interface?
lxviii) Differentiate the File Management and disk Management ?
lxix) Differentiate the Single-User operating system and Multi-User operating system ?
lxx) What do understand the by the term named ranges ? Can it help in simplifying the worksheet?

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