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Talking about the structure of the essay and how to tackle and essay in CSS exam, it would be unfair if we do not talk about the suggested essay topics for the CSS exam. 

Most of the times the essay topics for the CSS exam are based on the current affairs and it includes other topics too specifying a particular niche too.

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Essay Topics for CSS Exam 2020:

Following are some topics that can be considered for the CSS exam 2020.

  1. Agriculture has lost the ability to be a source of subsistence for the majority of families in Pakistan.
  2. Impact of the new economic measures on Pakistan Economy.
  3. Character is not displayed in a crisis, it is exhibited.
  4. Joy is the simplest form of Gratitude.
  5. Fulfilment of ‘new women’ in Pakistan is a myth.
  6. We may have brave human laws but we cannot resist natural laws.
  7. ‘Social Media’ is inherently a selfish medium.
  8. The relevance of Current Education System of Pakistan in the 21st century.
  9. If development is not endangered, it is endangered.
  10. Need brings Greed, it spoils breed if needed.
  11. Water Dispute between states in Federal Pakistan.
  12. Innovation is the key determinant to Economic Growth and Social Welfare.
  13. Cooperative Federalism – Myth or Reality.
  14. Cyberspace and the Internet- In the long run, the blessing or Curse to the Human Civilization.
  15. The rise of digital Economy and the fate of economic inequality.
  16. Impact of the new economic measures on Pakistan Economy.
  17. Afghan peace process
  18. Islamophobia in West
  19. Kashmir issue

We hope that this post will help you. We don’t guarantee you that these topics will be the part of the CSS exam 2020 but you can consider these topics while preparing for the exam as these topics are related to current issues.

Keep visiting F.Sc Online for updates and news regarding the CSS Exam. We will try our level best to guide at every step of the preparation for the CSS exam and also share this post with your friends who are going to appear in the CSS exam this year. 

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