Exercise 1.1 Solution | Mathematics 1st Year


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  1. Ansa says

    hey from where I can get the other notes???????
    I really can’t get these handwritten ones

    1. Amir says

      At This Time Only these Notes Are Available..
      We Are Working on It.. INSHALLAH, We Will Give You Better Notes SOon 馃檪
      Keep visiting Our Web And Tell to ur Friends Also 馃檪

  2. own bEst fRieNd says

    I need notes from chapter 9 ownward

  3. shahab ahmad jadoon says

    i live mangal chai mohalla safroono post office chanai

  4. Haris says

    i need all the notes of whole book

  5. Najmuddin UTMAN says

    I want all the hand written notes of ist year ……

  6. ALI HAIDER says

    very useful

  7. sunny says

    sir plz upload kpk books

  8. abdullahnasar says

    plz send all formulas of Trignometry . THANKS ?

  9. Sajid Farooq says

    I am part time teacher.i teach math.these notes are easy as compare to other solution books..can i get ICs part 1 & 2 notes through email.

  10. shayan hassan says

    Hey can you tell me from where i can parchase thiese notes on book store?

    1. Amir Shafiq says

      these notes are only available on our website. you can download them here for free 馃檪

  11. hamna says

    i cant get these notes. there is nothing display on my screen

    1. Maham Babar says

      Hey Hamna!
      Please reload the page.

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