Exercise 10.1 Solution | Mathematics 1st Year


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  1. shifa maryam says

    its really excellent notes

    1. Taha Mubeen says

      I cant download it would you help me out?

  2. kashif says

    it is very good

  3. sonai says


  4. Mashood says

    It is very good notes

  5. Mohammad Zaid Sultan says

    It is the best website for studing

  6. Muhammad Addas Munzir says

    absolutely amazing notes ever seen!
    thanks a lot

  7. Naveed says


  8. Kashifa says

    It’s very nice note

  9. shahzad akhtar ali zahid says

    sir computer ka bhi notes bana day plz

    1. Maham Babar says

      Hey Shahzad!
      We are working on our notes section… your request has been noted. Soon you will find your required notes.
      Thank You!

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