Exercise 3.2 Solution | Mathematics 1st Year


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  1. Nadir Abbas says

    In Maths Exercise 3.2 1st year its been written that it is not hand written but in the file it is handwritten and not 3.2 it;s 3.3 questions so what to do please fix this problem quickly thanks…….

  2. Muneeb Ahmad says

    Please upload the correct notes i am really angry about you uploads this one too its Exercise 3.2 but the first page is of 3.2 and rest of the questions are on Exercise 3.3…………….:(

  3. MAnas says

    Aslam u alaikum
    Sir, this is not ex # 3.2 is ex# 3.3
    please check this post

    1. Maham Babar says

      Thanks for mentioning that!

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