Exercise 4.4 Solution | Mathematics 1st Year



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  1. afaq says

    I need plz

  2. Abrish mughal says

    I need 4.3 exercise but there is no find please help me now. PlzzzzzzzzZZ

  3. Abrish mughal says

    I need exercise 4.3 but I can’t find this please upload fast I need it now

  4. Yousuuf says

    I am trying to find 4.3 but i cant see 4.3 on your website i need 4.3 now plzzzz help me

    1. Khurram Farooq says

      we’ll upload 4.3 soon 馃檪

      1. Muhammad Umar says

        it it difficult …..?

        1. Maham Babar says

          No it’s not.

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