HEC Warned Students Not to Offer Clinical Degree Programs without Permission


The Higher Education Commission announced the new decision. The latest notification, it is to inform all that HEC now strictly warned all public and private sector universities not to offer Clinical degree programs without getting permission from the Higher Education Commission. The majority of institutes offer this program without permission. HEC when review this illegal idea and took action against this. Hence, HEC advised all universities not to offer undergraduate degree programs involving clinical application without permission.

HEC has noted with grave concern that some universities have launched diplomas and degree programs in disciplines involving clinical applications including but not limited to Dermatology, Dermal Sciences, Aesthetics, Cosmetology, Radiology, Ophthalmology, Anesthesia, Cardiology, Hemodialysis, and Neuro-physiology at the undergraduate level.

To save the students’ academic career and employment prospects, universities are advised not to offer admission or diploma in the disciplines mentioned at the undergraduate level. However, HEC stopped all ongoing operations in this regard. HEC shall not verify the degrees offered in violation of this advisory. For more details, stay in touch with us and visit FSc Online website regularly. 

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