Chapter 6 Physics | 1st Year


Chapter 6 Notes | Physics 1st Year

“Fluid Dynamics”


  1. Viscous Drag and Stokes’ Law
  2. Terminal Velocity
  3. Fluid Flow
  4. Equation of Continuity
  5. Bernoulli’s Equation
  6. Applications of Bernoulli’s Equation
  7. Torricelli’s Theorem
  8. Relation between Speed and Pressure of the Fluid
  9. Venturi Relation
  10. Blood Flow

Key Points:

  1. An object moving through a fluid experiences a retarding force known as drag force it increase as the speed of object increases
  2. A sphere of radius r moving with speed v through a fluid of viscosity η experiences a viscous drag force F given by stokes law F=6πηrv.
  3. The maximum and constant velocity of an object falling vertically downward is called terminal velocity.
  4. An ideal fluid is in compressible and has no viscosity. Both air and water at low speed approximate to ideal fluid behavior.
  5. In laminar flow, layers of fluid slide smoothly past each other.
  6. In turbulent flow there is great disorder and a constantly changing flow pattern.
  7. Conversation of mass in an in compressible fluid is expressed by the equation of continuity A1v1=A2V2 = Constant.
  8. The effect of the decrease in pressure with the increase in speed of the fluid in a horizontal pipe is known as venturi effect.

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