Punjab University Rises the Exam and Registration Fees by 10%


Punjab University Increases the Exam and Registration Fees by 10%

The Punjab University (PU) has issued a new notification regarding the exam and registration fee. They ordered an increase of 10% in fees. As universities have faced loss in this COVID-19 pandemic so they rejected the proposal of decreasing fees. In a recent meeting, they discuss this major issue with other representatives. Some members endorse the recommendation of an increase in fees. One of the highly-ranking universities, Punjab University, explored new ways to overcome the financial crisis triggered by a cut in the annual budget of the Higher Education Commission’s (HEC).

The registration fee for BA/BSc exams has been increased to Rs. 4,090 from Rs. 3,720. Meanwhile, the examination fee for BA and BSc exams has been raised to Rs. 5,490 from Rs. 5,000 and to Rs. 6,315 from Rs. 5,750 respectively. A similar increase has been approved in the examination and registration fees for B.Com, MA, MSc, LLB, and M.Com.

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