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9th Class Biology Guess 2020

Short Questions

Chapter -1
Definitions of: botany, zoology, microbiology, morphology, anatomy, cell biology, genetics, cell biology, biogeography
Contribution of Muslims Scientists
Chapter -2
Definitions of: biological method, scientific method, biological problem, control group, law and theory, ratio, bioinformatics, deductions
Characteristics of a good hypothesis
observation and its types
Chapter -3
Definitions of: biodiversity, species, biosphere, endangered species, binomial nomenclature
basis of classification
aims of classifications
Chapter -4
Definitions of: magnification, resolution, resolving power, turgor pressure, Fluid mosaic model, diffusion, osmosis, facilitated diffusion, active transport
composition of cell wall
mitochondria as powerhouse of the cell
light and dark reactions
role of nucleus
Chapter -5
Definitions of: Meiosis, mitosis, crossing over, chromatid, apoptosis, necrosis, chiasmata
differentiate between somatic cells and sperms
What happens in the G0 phase?
differentiate between malignant and benign tumors
Chapter -6
Definitions of: Enzymes, catalyst, co-enzyme, cofactor, prosthetic groups, optimum temperature, lock, and key model, induced fit model
what is meant by denaturation of an enzyme?
name the factors affecting enzyme activity
Chapter -7
Definitions of: bioenergetics, oxidation and reduction, aerobic and anaerobic respiration, light reactions/dark reaction, limiting factor, ATP
Differentiate between alcoholic and lactic acid fermentation
Chapter -8
Definitions of: Nutrition, fertilizers, digestion, balanced diet, bolus, chyme, micronutrients
functions of the oral cavity
significance of water
Sources of Vitamin A, C, and D
Chapter -9
Definitions of: Transpiration, cohesion-tension theory, pulmonary circulation, transpirational pull
functions of xylem and phloem in plants
transpiration is a necessary evil. explain.
composition of blood
Universal donor and universal recipients

Long Questions

1. Careers in biology
2. Contributions of Muslim Scientists
3. Write a note on cellular Organization
4.steps of solving the biological problem
5. What are biodiversity and which factor affect biodiversity
6. Characteristics of the five-kingdom system
7. Fluid mosaic model of the cell membrane
8. Structure and Functions of Nucleus
9. Types of plastids, structure, and functions
10. Differences between eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells
11. Endocytosis and exocytosis with diagram
12. Cell cycle and its phases
13. Light and dark reactions
14. Cell cycle and its phases
15. Mitosis and its types
16. Metabolism, functions, and types.
17. factors affecting the rate of enzyme action
18. Importance of fertilizers
19. Role of the liver and its importance
20. role of the small intestine indigestion
21. Write a note on the ABO blood system
22. Effects of Malnutrition
23. Structure and functions of the human heart.
24. Causes, symptoms, and treatment of myocardial infarction

You should always thoroughly read the guess paper before start learning it. The guess papers we have posted are valid for all the boards of Punjab, which means that these guess papers would help you no matter from which area you are, although you can still have a look at the list to confirm whether your board is listed or not.

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