Pay Scale Package For PPS (Project Pay Scale) | PPS 1 to PPS 12

Pay Scale for PPS

Are you looking for the pay scales for the Project employees working under the PSDP? So, from here, you will get the latest pay packages for the PPS (Project pay scale) Scales. In Pakistan, the PPS scales are distributed in 12 categories equivalent to BPS 1-22. However, the announced notification also contains the minimum pay and maximum pay after a 5% increment. 

Standard Pay Package for PPS

So, below is the revised standard pay packages for officers directly recruited on a contract basis for the execution of projects funded by PSDP.

Project Pay Scale (PPS)Regular BPSMinimum (Rs.)Increment @ 5% of the MinimumMaximum


PPS-1BPS 1-4   16,000800  25,600
PPS-2BPS 5-8    20,0001,000  33,600
PPS-3BPS 9-10    25,0001,250   40,600
PPS-4BPS 11-13    30,000 15,00    48,600
PPS-5BPS 14-15    40,0002,000    64,600
PPS-6BPS 16    60,0003,000     96,600
PPS-7BPS 17    90,0004,500     144,600
PPS-8BPS 18    125,0006,250     200,000
PPS-9BPS 19    175,0008,500     28,000
PPS-10BPS 20    250,00012,500     400,00
PPS-11BPS 21   350,00017,,500     560,600
PPS-12BPS 22   500,00025,000    800,000

The mentioned pay packages are effective till the new PSDP projects and are admissible to the following conditions.

  • The mentioned pay package is for all fresh, direct, and existing employees of PSDP projects. However, at the initial stage, the pay of the fresh and direct employees will be fixed. However, there will be a 5% increment annually. 
  • The pay of existing employees shall be fixed to the next higher stage.
  • The annual increment will be one the completion of one-year regular service from the date of appointment.
  • Government employees can apply for the project post. However, they have to resign from the government service before the appointment of the Project posts.
  •  CDWP or ECNEC will decide the pay and number of project staff. 
  • Initially, the project employees will be recruited on a contract basis.
  • The mentioned pay package is not for there-employee/appointed employees on contract after retirement.
  • PSDP project employees will not get any additional facilities.
  • The pay package is not for those who will go to the non-development side after completing the project. 
  • Employees will not get payment from the date of transfers of the service to any other establishment.
  • On the non-development side, employees will be appointed at the initial stage on the basic pay. 
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