9th Class Computer Science Guess paper 2019 | Punjab Board


SSC Part 1 Computer Science 2019 Punjab Board Guess Paper

Stored Program Technique, ENIAC, UNIVAC,

2nd and 3rd Generation of Computer,

*Types and Classification of Computer, Online Banking,

Computer Languages and Types,

*Language Translators,

EDP, Components of Computer System,

*CPU and Units, Bus and Types, Ports and Types,

*Keyboard, Scanner, Monitor, *Printer, RAM, ROM, Memory Units, Hard Disk, Data and Types,

Decimal Number System, Binary Number System, Conversion, *2’s Complement, *Subtraction Method, ASCII Code,

*Ex 5 Q # 6 to 9, 13, 15, Boolean Algebra, AND and OR Operation, Truth Table, Boolean Functions,

*De Morgan’s Law, Duality Principle, Literals, Minterms and Maxterms,


*Ex 6 Q # 2 to 5, 7, 8, Software and Types, Operating System, Types and Functions of OS,

Interface and Types, DOS Files, DOS Commands and Types,

*CD, MD, RD, DIR Commands, Disk Drives, Folder, File Extensions,

Features of Windows, Control Panel, Virus, and Antivirus, How does a Computer get a Virus?
Note: * Indicate most imp Q’s
Long Questions

Chapter # 1, 3, 5.

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