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We provide you the 9th class guess paper of computer science subject 2020, according to your Board of Examination. This time, all the guess papers that are available on this site is valid for all Punjab board. We will assure you that you will not be disappointed by your decision to prepare for the Board’s guess papers. So, What are you waiting for? Go and have a look at the latest guess paper on this site.

The board exams of 9th class are starting soon or already in the process. Guess papers are the best way to prepare for final exams. If you know what structure the examiners will use to make your exams, then you can adjust accordingly. This is also very important that you know about the latest guess papers.

Guess Paper Of CS 9th Class 2020

Chapter No. 1

Short Questions:

1. What is meant by difference Engine?
2. Define Fortran?
3. Write the uses of Digital Computer.
4. Describe Mini Computer.
5. How a computer can be used in Education?
6. Differentiate between high level and low-level
7. What is the idea of modern stored-program?
8. which Technology was used in the secondary
Generation Computers?
9. Write some advantages of transistors.
10. Define basic language?
11. Write a note on the third generation of computers.
12. Write two advantages of the Transistor.
13. In which computer, the characteristics of Analog
and Digital computer exist? Explain
14. Write the purposes of the mainframe computer.
15. Write two positive effects of the internet on society.
16. What is the difference between Digital and analog
17. Define the mainframe computer? Explain the uses of
mainframe computers.
18. Discuss different types of computers.
19. State the structure of an analog computer.
20. Discuss different types of computers.

Long Questions

1. Discuss different types of computer
2. Define the mainframe computers. Explain the uses
of Mainframe computers.
3. Differentiate between high level and low-level
4. Write a note on Serial and USB port
5. Write a note on third Generation computers.

Chapter No. 2

Short Questions

1. What is the system unit?
2. Define computer components. Explain the
components of a computer system in detail.
3. Write a short not on the system unit.
4. Explain the Arithmetic and logical unit (ALU).
5. Describe the use of parallel ports?
6. Write a note on serial and USB ports.
7. Define ALU.
8. Define electronic data processing.
9. Write the importance of CPU.

Long questions

Define computer components. Explain the components of a
computer system in detail
1. Explain the Arithmetic and Logical Unit(ALU)
2. What is the importance of C.P.U

Chapter No. 3

Short Questions

1. What do you know about the light pen

2. What is the use of the microphone?
3. Writ the types of the plotter in detail.
4. Define the input devices.
5. What is the monitor? Differentiate between
Monochrome and Color Monitor.
6. Write types of monitors.
7. Explain the use of a joystick.
8. Define the term SVGA.
9. Use the impact or non-impact printers.
10. Differentiate between trackball and Mouse Write
a short note of floppy disk.
11. What do you know about the mouse?
12. What is meant by the input and output unit?
13. Write the different types of printers.
14. Differentiate between serial port and parallel port.
15. How does mouse work?
16. Define the video controller.
17. Differentiate between drum plotter and flatbed

Long questions

1. Write the types of the plotter in detail.
2. What is the monitor ? differentiate between
Monochrome and color Monitor. Write note on
the types of Monitors.
3. Write a differentiate between Trackball and
4. Write a short note on Floppy Disk
5. What is meant by the input and output unit?
6. Write a note on different types of printers.
7. Difference between Drum plotter and flatbed

Chapter No. 4

Short Questions

1. What is the use of a Microphone?
2. Why does DRAM use more power?
3. What is meant by High-level Formatting?
4. What is the use of floppy disk?
5. State the use of the CTRL key?
6. What LSB referred to?
7. Write the names of two main categories of Secondary
Storage Memory.
8. Write any two purposes of C.D.
9. What is the low-level formatting?
10. Name different mouse actions?
11. What is meant by Direct Access Storage?
12. What do you know about ROM?
13. What is PROM?
14. What is meant by DROM?
15. Define Formatting.
16. What is meant by seeking Time?
17. Describe the working of Main Memory.
18. How is data accessed in sequential Access
19. What is meant by seeking time?

Long Questions

1. Describe the working of main memory
2. Explain cash memory

Chapter No. 5

Short Questions

1. Define Data
2. How 2’s complements of a binary number are
3. Why do digital computers use Binary
4. Define EBCDIC.
5. Find 2’s components of 01100110
6. What is the differentiate between the Octal and
hexadecimal number system?
7. Define the number system
8. What is meant by computer cod?
9. Describe the base or Redix of a counting system.
10. Find 2’s Complement of 01100110
11. What is meant by BCD code?
12. Convert (185)10 into hexadecimal number system
13. Convert (150)10 = ( ) 8
14. Explain octal number system
15. What is meant by BCD
16. Convert (38)10 to Binary
17. Define number system . Write down the number
of its types.
18. What is mean by 1’s complement of a binary
19. Find out sum and product of (101)2 and (111)2
20. Convert 97 into the binary and octal system

Long Questions

1. Explain “1’s” complement method of representing
a signal number. Represent the number of 78 as 8-
bit 1’s complement number.
2. What are the main types of Data Used in a different
computer? Explain the uses of each of the data types.
3. Convert the followings: a) (10111)2 =( ?) 10 b)
(3A)16 =(?) 10
4. Explain between data and information with the help
of an example
5. Solved it 01102 x 10112
6. Calculate 38—29 using 8-bit 2’s complement
7. Convert answer into decimal

Chapter No. 6

Short Questions

1. Define K map
2. What is meant by two Variable Minterms?
3. How Boolean function can simplify?
4. What is the difference between Boolean constant
and variables?
5. Make the truth table of the function 𝑥. 𝑦̅ +𝑥̅. 𝑦
6. Define truth table
7. Write tow advantage of Karnaugh map
8. Write two variables of k Map
9. What is the Boolean function?
10. Write two advantages of K-Map
11. What is meant by Boolean variables
12. Differentiate between AND operation and OR

13. Make a Truth able of x+y
14. What is operating precedence in a Boolean
15. What is the difference between Logical OR and
NOT operator.
16. What is the use of the truth table?

Long Questions

1. Explain AND and OR logical Gates and show
their function by using a Truth Table.
2. Simplify Boolean function f(x,y)= x.y +
𝑥̅. 𝑦 𝑏𝑦 𝑘 𝑚𝑎𝑝 𝑚𝑒𝑡ℎ𝑜𝑑.
3. State and prove Demorgan’s Law
4. Explain the logical gates Or ad AND with the
help of Truth Table
5. Draw the picture of AND and OR gates
6. Discuss different logical operators in Boolean

Chapter No. 7

Short Questions

1. Differentiate Command line and user interface
2. Name five external DOS commands.
3. Define software?
4. Enlist the function of an operating system
5. What is meant by DOS files?
6. Write the purpose of the R.D command.
7. Define user interface
8. Write four names of internal commands
9. Name five DOS internal command
10. What is the batch file?
Long questions
1. What is a DOS command? Write the names of
different parts of DOS commands.
2. Explain internal and external commands
3. What are the internal and external commands
1. Write down steps to show all files in a drive
D:\in Dos.
2. Write down steps to set time 5:30 P.M in DOS
3. Write down the steps to copy a folder from D:
drive to E: drive

Chapter No. 8

Short Questions
1. Identify the work of control panel
2. Differentiate between viruses and antivirus
3. Write two features of the windows.
4. Define multitasking
5. Describe the use of recycle bin
6. What is the control panel?
7. Write down the names of Two Antivirus
8. What is folder
9. Define shortcut
10. What is the control panel?
11.Define Disk Drive
12. Write the use of the taskbar in windows.
13. What are the advantages of using a shortcut in
14.Describe Menu
15. What is the difference between copy and xcopy

Long Questions

1. What is taskbar
2. How does a computer get a virus
3. What is the use of file extension in windows?


1. Write down the steps to change the background
of the Desktop.
2. Write down steps to open the control panel.
3. Write down the steps to empty the Recycle
4. Write down the steps for shutting down
5. Write down the steps to search for a file.
6. Write the procedure to change the Desktop
7. How would you shut and restart the
8. Write down the procedure to launch the start
Menu from program Menu.
9. Write the procedure to copy a file/folder from
a floppy disk to another disk.
10. How would you name a file /folder in
11. How would you maximize, minimize, close
and restore a file in windows?
12. How would you search for a file or folder on
your computer?
13. Write down the steps to create and rename a
file In windows.
14. Write down the steps to copy files or folder in
15. Write down the steps to save files and exit
from window.
16. Write the steps to change the time and date in
17. Write steps to make a file and change the
name of the file in windows
18. Write the steps to copy file and folder with
the help of file menu
19. Write the step to delete the file or folder in

Computer science is an easy subject. It consists of two parts. One is objective, and the other is subjective. You can check board exams guess papers from our site. Our guess papers are mainly for those students who are weak in science and compulsory subjects. After reviewing these guess papers, you will be able to get at least 50 percent marks in 10th class. So, We have provided all these guess papers free of cost. You can get the PDF file of computer science to guess paper.


For more latest updates regarding guess papers, please keep visiting the FSc Online Page.

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