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Are you getting bored with this quarantine life?? If yes, then you are in the right place. The entire world is facing challenging times. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many people staying home these days and working remotely. After completing their work from home, they have a few extra hours on their hands. Many students who are not working and still free can utilize their time to learn something new. So, if you are getting bored with this self-isolation life, then don’t worry. Many foreign universities have offered free online learning courses. Just like others, we have also listed the top and best free online course platforms, which help you to gain useful knowledge. Have a look.


E-Rozgaar is a great online learning platform. They conducted online classes since 16 March 2020 to empower the youth. They also offer different short computer courses like Graphics designing, web designing, office management courses, and many more. The E-Rozgaar training program is going well in all over Punjab. So, you can also join this fantastic platform in the quarantine period.

Virtual University:-

Just like another online course platform, Virtual university also offers online short courses named “Digiskills.” It is such a fantastic platform. The professional and experienced team of VU the lecture in a great way. Virtual University uses a combination of video lectures, reading material, audio/video tutorials, and online interaction.


If you are searching for an extensive catalog of courses at a reasonable price, then Udemy is the best choice. It is one of the best online course platforms in the world. Udemy not only offers business development platform but also offer accounting and finance, designing, marketing, and office productivity platform. Now, these days, Udemy is offering various free courses for the quarantine period. So, if you are interested, then take advantage of this opportunity. You can choose that course which has maximum and high reviews.

Website link:


Skillshare offers a large amount of business, technical subjects, and entrepreneurship, programming, Not only this, but they also provide writing, painting, personal branding, and other creative topics. This platform works on a subscription model, which translates into a monthly or yearly fee allowing you to dive into a wide range of skills. It’s a fantastic learning platform. If you want to learn, then be practical in learning new skills. By learning these, you can utilize your skills in the right way.

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On Duolingo, you can learn many world languages like English, French, Spanish to Polish, Russian, Chinese, German, Italian, and many more. According to the Research, they have proof that with 34 hours of study on this site, you can achieve the same level of knowledge as a full semester language course at a foreign language school.

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Coursera is an extremely popular platform. It is famous for its value and prestige as it collaborates with top universities around the world, which are responsible for developing the courses. Just like others, this course is also free of charge. On a lighter note, I would like to say that you need an appropriate budget to finance these professional online learning courses.

Website link:

LinkedIn Learning

If you are registered on LinkedIn and already in search of a job, then you must activate your premium subscription. LinkedIn Learning also gives you access to various online courses. Many courses of LinkedIn have high quality, ranging from short, beginner-level to in-depth specialist training.

LinkedIn Learning offers you the possibility to add certifications in your LinkedIn profile. Because of this, you’ll be able to show your expertise and update your CV.

Website link:

Future Learn

It is a UK-based learning platform. They offer a top selection of online degrees and free certification courses, available on mobile, tablet, or desktop. One of the well-renowned universities, “The Open University,” is one of the UK’s long-established educational institutions. The main objective of this institution is to connect learners from all over the globe with their experienced tutors. This platform is also free of charge. They offer a wide range of short courses like digital marketing, engineering, psychology to nutrition, history, and politics.

Website link:

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However, if you’re interested in obtaining a suitable course, you might want to check out our above-mentioned free online platforms. So, don’t miss this opportunity of learning a new skill. For more details, visit us

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