Pak Studies Chapter 1 Short Questions | 2nd Year Notes


Pak Studies Chapter # 1 ( Short Question )

 Ideology of Pakistan ( English )

Q.1:- What did Quaid-e-Azam say while inaugurating the state bank of Pakistan?

Q.2:- What is meant by ideology of Pakistan?

Q.3:- When and who founded first regular Muslim Empire in the sub-continent?

Q.4:- What did Quaid-e-Azam say about nationality?

Q.5:- What did Allama Iqbal say in the famous address at Allahabad in 1930?

Q.6:- Define Ideology?

Q.7:- Explain the concept of Islamic Sovereignty?

Q.8:- What are the basic elements of the ideology of Pakistan?

Q.9:- Write down four aims and objectives are creation of Pakistan?

Q.10:- Describe the importance of Ideology of Pakistan?

Q.11:- What is meant by “Two Nation Theory”?

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