Pak Studies Chapter 5 Short Questions | 2nd Year Notes


Pakistan Studies Chapter # 5 ( Short Questions )

Constitutions of Islamic Republic

of Pakistan ( English )

Q.1:- What were the five reasons of the separation of East Pakistan?

Q.2:- What is constitution?

Q.3:- When was constitution of 1956 abrogated and by whom?

Q.4:- Describe importance of objective resolution (any six)?

Q.5:- When was the Govt. of Muhammad Khan Junejo dissolved and by whom?

Q.6:- Define Muslim as in constitution of 1973?

Q.7:- How many seats won by PPP from west Pakistan in election of 1970?

Q.8:- Describe five principles of state policy of Pakistan?

Q.9:- Write down the 4 islamic clauses of the constitution of 1962?

Q.10:- What is meant by sovereignty of Allah?

Q.11:- What is “One Unit”?

Q.12:- When and who enforced 1st Martial law in the country?

Q.13:- When was the objective resolution approved?

Q.14:- What were the causes of abrogation of constitution of 1956?

Q.15:- When and who dissolved the 1st constitutional assembly of Pakistan?

Q.16:- When was 2nd constitution of Pakistan enforced?

Q.17:- When was 2nd Martial law of Pakistan imposed?

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Q.18:- When did 3rd Martial law impose in the country and by whom?

Q.19:- When was 3rd Martial Law lifted?

Q.20:- When did General Pervaiz Musharaf dismiss the government  of Nawaz Sharif?

Q.21:- What were the reasons of abrogation of the constitution of 1962?

Q.22:- Describe salient features of 1973’s constitution?

Q.23:- Describe importance of constitution?

Q.24:- Describe important features of 1956’s constitution?

Q.25:- Describe the cause of abrogation of constitution of 1956?

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