Pak Studies Chapter 7 Short Questions | 2nd Year Notes


Pakistan Studies Chapter # 7 ( Short Questions )

Pakistan And International Relations ( English )

Question # 1:- What is meant by Foreign Policy?

Question # 2:- Write down the principle of foreign policy.

Question # 3:- What are the objectives of the Foreign Policy of Pakistan?

Question # 4:- What is meant by National Security?

Question # 5:- What is meant by administrative troika?

Question # 6:- What is the function of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Determination of Foreign Policy?

Question # 7:- What is function of parliament in the determination of Foreign Policy?

Question # 8:- When the permanent joint commission did was setup b/w Pakistan & Afghanistan and write down its two objectives?

Question # 9:- What was the objective of Pak-Saudi economic commission?

Question # 10:- Describe the incident of world trade center.

Question # 11:- Write down the sort note on Atomic Explosion (Ballast) of Pakistan?

Question # 12:- Write down the role of political parties and pressure groups in the establishment of foreign policy?

Question # 13:- Which defense agreement or signed by Pakistan & China?

Question # 14:- What is the nature of Foreign Policy of Pakistan for the economic prosperity of the Country?

Question # 15:- Pakistan is the member of which International Organization name them?

Question # 16:- What is the role of intelligence agencies in the determination of foreign policy?

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Question # 17:- What is the new name of RCD and write down the name of members countries of it?

Question # 18:- What is Durand Line?

Question # 19:- When did Geneva Pact Signed and by whom?

Question # 20:- When did close relation were established b/w Pakistan and China ?

Question # 21:- When and where did OIC established? OR When and where did first conference of OIC held ?

Question # 22:- When and where did Second Islamic Summit Conference (OIC) held?

Question # 23:- Write down four objectives of OIC?

Question # 24:- When did ECO established?

Question # 25:- How many member countries ECO has?

Question # 26:- Write down the objective of the ECO?

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