Chemistry Chapter 11 | 1st Year


Chapter 11 Notes | Chemistry 1st Year

 “Chemical Kinetics” 

  1. Introduction
  2. Rate of Reaction
    1. Instantaneous and Average Rate
    2. Specific Rate Constant or Velocity Constant
    3. Order of Reaction
    4. Half Life Period
    5. Rate Determining Step
  3. Determination of the rate of a Chemical Reaction
    1. Physical Methods
    2. Chemical Method
  4. Energy of Activation
  5. Finding the Order of Reaction
    1. Half Life Method
    2. Method of Large
  6. Factors Affecting Rates of Reactions
    1. Nature of Reactants
    2. Concentration of Reactants
    3. Surface Area
    4. Light
    5. Effect of Temperature on Rate of Reaction
    6. Arrhenius Equation
  7. Catalysis
    1. Types of Catalysis
    2. Characteristic of a Catalyst
    3. Activation of Catalyst
    4. Enzyme Catalysis
    5. Characteristic of Enzyme Catalysis

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