Education Minister Took Notice on Unfair Grading of A and O Levels Result

A and O levels Result

At the start of this week, Cambridge Assessment International Education declared the results of exams taken in May/June 2020. The result is opposite to the expectations of the students. 

CAIE did the grading according to the promotion policy because of the cancellation of exams in COVID-19. Now, mostly students rejected this unfair grading in their A and O-Levels exam results. 

To resolve this major issue, the federal education minister, Shafqat Mahmood, decided to talk with the British Council. In his tweet, he said that I had received a lot of complaints against the unfair grading. He said that the government would talk with the British High Commission about this topic. He is hopeful that CAIE will sort out this matter properly. 

Most of the students said that their grades are beyond the expectation. Most of them secured As or Bs grades previously, but in this result, they get Cs that are unacceptable. 

According to the CAIE, students receive grades by the four-step assessment mechanism that includes:

  • Teacher’s predicted grades
  • Ranking order
  • School review/approval
  • Standardization

But students are totally in shock after getting their results.

In a recent tweet, Shafqat Mahmood said that the British Council decided to review the grading procedure. It is good news for the students, and we wish all of them good luck.

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