English 1st Year (11th Class) Paper Scheme 2022 Punjab Board

English 1st Year Paper Scheme 2022

Are you a FA/FSc HSSC part-I student looking for the English 1st year paper scheme 2022? You are on the right website. You will get the detailed English pairing scheme 20222 and other related information here. The provided 1st-Year English Paper Pairing scheme will contain information regarding the subjective and objective parts of the paper. Thus, You will know about the nature and number of asked questions (MCQs, Question/Answers) and mark division through this article. However, we will also provide detailed questions related to English Grammer. Thus, the 11th Class English Paper scheme will provide information related to the paper pattern. The provided pairing scheme is for all Punjab Boards. Below is the intermediate part-I English paper scheme 2022.

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Before the Detailed English Paper scheme 2022, we want to give the information about the Punjab Board 11th Class Date sheet 2022. All boards of Punjab have issued the 1st-year date sheet 2022, and papers will start from 06 July 2022. However, the 11th class English paper will be on 18 July 2022. Thus, to help the students, we decided to post the English Paper pairing scheme 2022 before the exams. 

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Types of 1st-Year English Question Paper

The 1st-Year English Paper has two types of question papers.

  • Objective part: contains 20 MCQs & Each question has 01 Marks (Total Marks=20)
  • The subjective part: Contains Short Questions, letters, story, Stanza, pair of words, and translation. (Total Marks=80)

English 1st Year Paper scheme 2022

Below is the HSSC Part-I English complete paper pairing scheme 2022 for every paper section.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Below are the number of MCQs from the 12th Class English Books.

11th Class English No. of MCQs
BOOK I 5 Synonyms + 03 MCQs (08 MCQs)
Book III (Plays) 3 Synonyms + 02 MCQs (05 MCQs)
Book III (Poems) 02 Synonyms
Choose the Correct Form of the Verb 05 MCQs

Subjective Part of English Part-I Paper

The Subjective Part of 1st-Year English Paper Comprises 02 Sections: Section-I and Section-II.

Section-I: Short Questions

It is the subjective Part (Section-I) of the paper. However, the Short questions in the papers are distributed according to the following

    • Book-I 
  • Book-III (Poems)
  • Book-III (Plays)
Q.No. Syllabus Question Total Marks
Q.2 Book I 9 Short Questions (attempt any 6) 6×2 = 12
Q.3 Book III (Plays) 8 short questions (Attempt any 5) 5×2 = 10
Q.4 Book III (Poems) 6 Short Questions (Attempt any 4) 4×2 = 8

Section-II: English Grammar

This part of the 1st-year English Subjective paper contains letters, Stanza, story, pair of words, translation, etc. Thus, the marks Distribution of English Subjective Paper is according to the following table.

Q.No Syllabus Question Total Marks
Q.5 Letter/Application There is a choice between letter and application 10
Q.6 Story Write a story on the given 2 topics (any one) 10
Q.7 (A) Explanation of stanza Explain the given stanza with reference to the context 5
Q.7 (B) Punctuation Punctuate a small paragraph taken from Book I 5
Q.7 (C) Pairs of Words Use ANY FIVE of the given 7 pairs of words in your sentences 5
Q.8 Translation Translate English paragraph taken from the book I into Urdu 15
Note: English medium candidate will write an essay on the given topic instead of translation in Q.No.8
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