Federal Cabinet Approved Revised Pay Scale 2022-23


Yesterday, the Federal Government pass the budget for session 2022-23. According to the details, the federal government finally approved the request of increasing salaries . This is the great news for the government employees. Before this many newspapers circulate the news that there may be no increase in salary or IMP will approve the proposal to increase or not increase the salary and pension of the employees. However today, the Daily Express of the dated 10th June 2022 published that the Government will increase the salary and pension in the Budget 2022-23. According to the Daily Express dated 10th June 2022, Government may increase salaries up to 10% to 15%. In addition to that there may be an increase in the following.

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  • Merging of Adhoc Relief Allowances
  • Revision of Basic Pay Scales
  • Increase in Salary @ 15%
  • Increase in Pension @ 5%
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