General Knowledge MCQ’s 2020 for Fpsc, PPSC, NTS and Others


General Knowledge MCQ’s

These general knowledge MCQ’s questions are beneficial for all types of exams conducted by FPSC, NTS, KPPSC, Ppsc, Spsc, Bpsc, Ots, UTs, PTs, CTs, ATs, and other government testing agencies of Pakistan.

General Knowledge MCQs is a form of a question for which students are asked to select one or more of the choices from the list of answers. MCQ consists of a set of options. Today, we will share some important MCQs which are helpful for every student applying for various jobs. These MCQ’s questions come in objective type paper. You will get thousands of General Knowledge MCQS in our website. The  MCQs consist of world Atmosphere, Science, Geography, Literature, and many more.

So, if you are searching for important MCQs, then you are in the right place. These MCQs are valid for different exam preparations.

1)    ________ is the smallest continent (by area) of the World.

  1. Antarctica
    B. Australia
    C. Africa
    D. Europe

2) The world’s Largest continent by area is ______________.

  1. Asia
    B. Europe
    C. Africa
    D. North America

3) The Etihad Airways is an airline of ____________

  1. United Arab Emirates
    B. Qatar
    C. Russia
    D. Canada

4) The surface of Earth is divided into ___ continents

  1. 5 Continents
    B. 6 Continents
    C. 9 Continents
    D. 7 Continents

5) _____ is the 2nd largest continent (by area) in the world.

  1. Asia
    B. Europe
    C. Africa
    D. North America

6) ______ is the news agency of Yemen.


  1. Saba Agency
  2. K2 hill Agency
  3. New Tabba Agency
  4. Agenzia Nazionale Stampa

7) SANA is the news agency of _____.

  1. Iran
    B. Kuwait
    C. Syria
    D. Yemen


8) The Nobel Peace Prize in 2012 was awarded to _______.

  1. European Union (EU)
    B. North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

C. Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)
D. United Nations Security Council


9)The Nobel Prize has been awarded in ____ fields.

  1. 5
  2. 6
  3. 07
  4. 8

10) KLM is a famous airline of ________

  1. Australia
    B. America
    C. Netherlands
    D. Russia

11) ___________ is the largest ocean in the Earth.

  1. Atlantic
    B. Arctic
    C. Indian
    D. Pacific

12) Taka is the currency of _____

  1. Tokia
    B. Bangladesh
    C. Indonesia
    D. Africa

13) The largest planet of the solar system is ___

  1. Earth
    B. Mars
    C. Jupiter
    D. Saturn

14) What was the nationality of Alfred Nobel?

  1. American
    B. British
    C. Austrian
    D. Swedish

15) The world longest bridge over water is ______

  1. Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge
  2. Bang Na Expressway
  3. Beijing Grand Bridge
  4. Lake Pontchartrain Causeway 

16) Qantas is an airline of ____

  1. Saudi Arabia
    B. Australia
    C. UAE
    D. Malaysia

17) The world’s longest bridgeDanyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge, is in _______

  1. United States
    B. Russia
    C. China
    D. Canada

18) Vienna is the capital of ________?

  1. Austria
    B. Switzerland
    C. Cyprus
    D. Denmark

20) _______ is called the Land of thousands lake.

  1. Indonesia
    B. Finland
    C. Iceland
    D. Scotland

21) ___________ is called the Land of Golden fibre

  1. United States
    B. South Korea
    C. Bangladesh
    D. India

22) Yellow sea lies between ________

  1. America and Canada
    B. England and France
    C. China and Korea
    D. Norway and Sweden

23) _______ is the deepest part of the Earth

  1. Dead Sea
    B. Mariana Trench
    C. South Africa
    D. South Pole

24) The highest mountain of the Earth is ____

  1. Mount Everest
    B. K2
    C. Norway
    D. North Pole

25) The largest democratic country in the world is _____

  1. United States
    B. United Kingdom
    C. China
    D. India

26) The Israel currency is _____

  1. Euro
    B. Shekel
    C. Forint
    D. Krone

27) Suez canal is between ______

  1. The Arabian Sea and The Red Sea
    B. The Red Sea and the North Sea
    C. The Mediterranean Sea and the North Sea
    D. The Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea

28) 3rd May is considered as _________

  1. Labour Day
    B. Environment Day
    C. Earth Day
    D. Press Freedom Day

29)The most powerful organ of the nation is ______

  1. General Assembly
    B. Security Council
    C. Secretariat
    D. International Court of Justice

30) ____ country does not yield veto-power.

  1. United States
    B. United Kingdom
    C. Canada
    D. France

31) ______ country is not a member of D-8

  1. India
    B. Pakistan
    C. Nigeria
    D. Turkey

32) The NATO was signed in ____

  1. 1945
    B. 1947
    C. 1949
    D. 1951

32) Red Cross headquarter is in ____

  1. New York
    B. Washington
    C. Geneva
    D. The Hague

33) The motto of UNO is ______

  1. It’s your world!
    B. Life for All!
    C. Peace!
    D. Love and Peace!

34) The D8 is an organization of _____ countries





35) The currency of Indonesia is _______

  1. rupiah
    B. dinar
    C. ringgit
    D. riyal

36) There are ____ members of SAARC

  1. 5
  2. 6
  3. 7
  4. 8

37) Which is the capital of Angola?

  1. Baku
    B. Canberra
    C. Luanda
    D. Manama

38) Which is the 2nd largest city of Pakistan?

  1. Rawalpindi
    B. Lahore
    C. Multan
    D. Quetta

39) TCS stands for ____

  1. Transport Courier Service
    B. Transm Courier Service
    C. Time Courier service
    D. None of these

40) _____ country is called the Buffer state of Asia

  1. Pakistan
    B. Afghanistan
    C. Bhutan
    D. Myanmar

41) Archery is a national game of which country?

  1. Nepal
    B. Bhutan
    C. Myanmar
    D. Vietnam

42) Where is Port Palermo located?

  1. Tyrrhenian Sea
    B. Red Sea
    C. Adriatic Sea
    D. Mediterranean Sea

43) Which Muslim country has a Hindu God on its currency?

  1. Indonesia
    B. Morocco
    C. Turkey
    D. Brunei

44) Churna Island is famous for its country?

  1. Surfing
    B. Fly Boarding
    C. Snorkeling
    D. Wake Boarding

45) The capital of Zambia is ____

  1. Harare
    B. Apia
    C. Lusaka
    D. Hanoi

46) The capital of Somoa is _____

  1. Mayotte
    B. Caracas
    C. Montevideo
    D. Apia

47)  Which country is called the land of lilies?

  1. Canada
    B. USA
    C. Mexico
    D. UK

48) Which country is called the land of lumber?

  1. Lithuania
    B. Bolivia
    C. Canada
    D. India

49) ______ is called the Isle of Pearl

  1. Iran
    B. Bahrain
    C. Iraq
    D. Syria

50)  ______________ is the key to Mediterranean Sea

  1. Spain
    B. Egypt
    C. Bab-ul-Maneb
    D. Gibraltar

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