Government Decided New Admission Policy For Special Exams Students


New Admission Policy For The Special Category Students

There are lots of students who appear in the special exams every year to improve their marks. According to an estimation, about 110,000 students will appear in a special exam this year. So, the government made a new admission policy for these students.


The reason for this policy is to save the students from wasting a year as every moment in students’ life is very precious. For these students, institutes will start new admissions from November.


Hopefully, the special exam will conduct in October so that the new admission will be in November. At the same time, the classes will start in December 2020. The universities can change the schedule according to the situation. 


So, according to the new policy, the universities will start their admission from 15 November 2020. And the classes will begin on 15 December. If this happens, it will be an excellent thing for the students who don’t want to waste their time. 


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