Government Might Promote 9th, 11th Grade Students Without Exams


Promote 9th, 11th Grade Students without Exams

According to recent news, there is a possibility to promote the 9th and 11th class students without conducting exams. On Tuesday, IBCC arranged a meeting under the chairmanship of Dr Nazim Jiva, Agha Khan Board and Head of Steering Committee. Other than that, the chairperson of various other boards and IBCC Secretary also attended the online meeting. There were some suggestions to minimize the exams by conducting the exams of only compulsory subjects. On this, the issue raised that according to this the exams for the Science Group students will be possible. But for Arts groups, it will be impossible as there are various important art subjects. 

Thus, after that, the IBCC committee considered conducting only 10th and 12th class exams and promoting 9th and 10th students without exams. As IBCC approved this, now this matter goes under the consideration of the Inter-provincial Education Ministers Conference for the final decision. Thus, after the approval from there, the government will implement this decision. 


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