Govt Agreed to Set the Quran Board for Error-Free Publication at National Level


Govt Agreed to Set the Quran Board

According to the recent news, the Federal government is allowed to make a Quran board responsible for the publication of the Holdy Quran. The board will review the Holy Quran before publishing and make it error-free. The government took this decision o the discussion of this topic during the meeting of the National assembly Standing committee. 

Thus, all members present in the meeting agreed to make a board that will publish the Holy Quran at the National level. Before this, there was no department at the national level that would protect and remove the mistakes in the Quran. 

So, the govt has passed the bill to amend the publication of the Quran under Act 1973. At the same time, the bill also ensures recycling the old pages of the Holy book in a proper way with respect and care.

Other than this, the government also took some other decisions during the meeting. Thus, you can visit us for all the latest news and updates. However, if you want to get the latest jobs and admission updates, you can find them on our website. 

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