HEC No Clarification Regarding the Replacement of MA/MSc Degrees

HEC No Clarification Replacement of MA MSc Degrees

After the phasing-out of 02-year degree programs, many MA/MSc private students are confused now. Recently, HEC announced the new educational policies for Undergraduate and doctoral degrees. HEC announced to ban the 02 years BA/BSc and MA/MSc degrees for undergraduate degrees. Thus, from now, students will be able to get admissions in 04 years of degrees.

However, in the replacement of BA/BSc, HEC introduced a new degree called an Associate Degree. But, HEC never told any replacement for the MA/MSc degrees. Due to which a lot of private students are anxious and want a detailed clarification. 

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Associate Degrees

According to the HEC’s latest educational policy about Associate degrees, the university will allow associate degrees to sit in BS programs. However, From the statement of HEC, private students will not be able to get enrolled in associate degrees. 

However, in contrast, many universities, including Punjab University, offer associate degrees to private students. According to the estimation, around 90,000 candidates appeared in MA/MSC as private candidates last year. However, approximately double the number of students who appeared in BA/BSc. 

Similarly, many students enrolled in the Allama Iqbal Open University for BA/BSc and MA/MSc programs. 

VCs and Official statements

The VCs and other universities of universities stated that HEC’s latest policy would affect universities’ budgets. The reason is that the universities get a significant revenue through these 02-year degrees. 

However, according to a statement, HEC allowed associate degrees till 2020.  Thus, from now on, universities will not offer these degrees to private students.

HEC Statement about MA/MSc

Regarding the MA/MSC degree, the HEC official stated that we would soon announce a new policy. Hopefully, now many students will be in relief and waiting for the new policy impatiently.

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