HEC not Issued Any University Rankings Online | HEC Press Release


According to the details, HEC clearly announced that they had not issued any universities’ online readiness ranking. Higher Education Commission has published this report in a recent press release. According to the details, he ordered almost all universities to submit their information regarding online courses deliver to students. Some universities are succeeded in provide information while some are unable to submit. Approximately 138 universities have provided their data and, also available online. The main purpose of this online readiness is to help universities improve their performance, rather than rank various universities. We are all facing a tough time relating to COVID-19. As a facilitator, HEC-QAA has our learners and trainer’s wellbeing as our primary focus.

The faculty members of various universities deliver 108,084 online courses out of 112,109 to students as per details. Many educational institutions have attended a training session on how to take online classes or give lectures. Moreover, 127 out of 138 universities have claimed that they have started providing education to their students with digital library resources. Now, HEC compiled this information and inform the press soon. The media is also requested to investigate such details from HEC first before publishing it. Besides all these, the Quetta students had been protested the unavailability of the internet for online classes. They demand access to the internet.

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