HED Decided to Introduce Market-Oriented Subjects in 16 Punjab Colleges


HED Decided to Introduce Market-Oriented Subjects

According to recent news, Punjab Higher Education Commission decided to launch modern market-oriented subjects in the BS degree colleges. The purpose of it is that students will know the gap between the employment and population ratio. 

However, according to officials’ statement, the department is working on improving education governance under the new reforms agenda. Thus, the Provincial Minister has agreed to start new modern subjects in the province’s public colleges. 

Subjects in the Colleges

According to the announcement, the HED will start the following modern subjects in the said colleges.

  • Biotechnology
  • Microbiology
  • Food Science
  • Medical Lab Technology
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Data Science

About these Market-Oriented subjects, HED Secretary stated that at the start, we will launch in the 16 colleges of four districts in Punjab. However, the department will start in both males and females colleges from the academic year 2021-2022. Thus, these subjects will increase the chances of youth’s employability on the completion of studies. 

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DPI Colleges

At the same time, the DPI colleges also took some colleges on the board to launch the latest programs from the coming academic years.

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