Higher Education Commission Going to Introduce Competency-Based Undergraduate Education across Pakistan


Higher Education Commission Launch  Competency-Based Undergraduate Education

According to the details, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) will conclude after attending several meetings. After examining all current situations, HEC decided to launch Competency-based Undergraduate Education in all over Pakistan. HEC took suggestions from thousands of students in the top 143 Pakistani universities. HEC chairman said that only a few universities are working hard to enhance student success. Competency is defined as combinations of knowledge, skills, behavior, and interpersonal characteristics that enable individuals to succeed in their future life.

Many meetings are conducted in 2019, including two national dialogues, five regional consultations, and ten thematic workshops. Thousands of Vice-Chancellors/Rectors, college principals, Secretaries, faculty members of universities and colleges, and heads and officials of professional councils have attended the meetings.

HEC Chairman stated that our vision of education is to enable students to succeed in their future life, not only in their jobs but also in their social, political, and personal endeavors.  He said that the news is initiated on competencies, which means that the students must learn some skills to be successful for a bright future.

New Curriculum

The government is trying to develop some new techniques which will be helpful for students. They reject the old curriculum and start introducing a new curriculum. The new curriculum’s primary focus is to provide the acquired knowledge and skills to life’s challenges, rather than merely acquiring theoretical knowledge. They strongly emphasize curiosity, exploration, discovery, and creativity among students.

Terms and Conditions

  • Every student must complete General Education (GE) courses in the major domains of human knowledge.
  • The students will move towards required departmental courses in their areas of specialization 
  • Relaxation is provided to the students to select an area of specialization of their own choice.

Practical Experience

Students must complete a summer internship and participate in entrepreneurship and business development, civic engagement, and network building. Although the actual work will be evaluated and included in the students’ record. This new policy applies to all degree programs. Some details may be changed for different degree programs.

Possibility of students to switch degree programs:-

The new undergraduate programs have a benefit to change the degree program. For example, a candidate already applies for an AD degree may also apply for admission to the BS program and receive a transfer of credits from their AD to the BS program.


The working has been started in this new curriculum. The Postsecondary Education Reform Unit (PERU) of the HEC is taking the lead in improving the teaching and learning component of HEDP.


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