ICS Computer Science 1st Year (11th Class) Guess Paper 2022

Computer Science 1st Year Guess Paper 2022

Are you a 1st-year student looking for a Computer science guess paper? If yes, then you reached the perfect place. FSc Online provides authentic and genuine guess papers on a computer science subject to facilitate the students. The syllabus of 1st-year subjects is lengthy. Because of the shortage of time, students could not complete the whole syllabus in two or three days. Therefore, we share the computer science guess papers. A student who belongs to any Punjab board will now start their preparation by considering these guess papers. 

These guess our educational team and professionalist make papers. After studying these guess papers, students will be aware of the important questions. It is available online and free of cost. It is beneficial for students who are still weak in computer science. The guess paper on Computer science contains multiple-choice questions and objective and subjective parts. It is a golden chance for the students to start their preparation according to these guess papers. 

11th Class Computer Science Guess Paper 2022 Punjab Board

Chaper.1 ( Basic of Information of Technology )

1- Diff. Between Software and Hardware?
2- What is input and Output Device?
3- Diff. Between System Software and Application Software?
4- Diff Between Soft Copy and Hard Copy?
5- What Is the Computer?
6- Diff Between Hypermedia and Multimedia?
7- What is the Date and Information?
8- What are the Characteristics of a Keyboard?

Chapter 2 ( Information Network )

1- What is Computer Network / Information Network?
2- What is Server and Client Computer?
3- What are Router and Gateway?
4- What are WAN And MAN?
5- What is LAN?
6- What is Internet?
7- Diff. Between Intranets and Extranet?
8- Diff. Between Internet and Web?
9- How Computer are Connected to LAN?

Chapter 3 ( Date Communication )

1- What is Date Communication And Its Components?
2- What is Receiver and Transmission Medium?
3- What are Encoder and Decoder?
4- What are Signals and its example?
5- Give two characteristics of Analog Signals?
6- Define Bit and Byte?
7- What is Unicode?
8- What is Serial and Parallel Transmission?
9- What is Communication Satellite?
10- Give three Diff. Between Broadband and Baseband?

Chapter . 4 ( Application and Uses of Computer )

1- How Computer can help in Marketing?
2- What is ATM and Its Uses?
3- Diff. Between CAD and CAM?
4- Define Computer aided Learning?
5- What is E-Banking?
6- Write three Types of E-Commerce?
7- Write any five benefits of a Computer?

Chapter . 5 ( Computer Architecture )

1- What are Ram and ROM?
2- What are SRAM and DRAM?
3- Types of Bus Computers?
4- What are Memory and storage?
5- What is a Compiler and Interpreter?
6- Types of Translators?

Important Long Question :

1- What are Impact Printers and Non-Impact Printers and Their Types?

2- What are Laser printers and Inkjet printers?

3- What are the server Model / dedicated server Network and peer-to-peer model?

4- What is Bus and Start Topology?

5- What is Ring Topology, and Is It working?

6- Diff. Between Asynchronous and Synchronous Transmission?

7- What are Different Types of Modems?

8- What is CPU Register, and Briefly its purpose of register?

9 – What are SRAM and DRAM?

10- Explain the Fetch Decode Execute Cycle of CPU?

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