KMU Revised Exam Schedule for MBBS and BDS Despite Growing Pandemic


Khyber Medical University KMU is all set to conduct MBBS and BDS examination. According to the details, the first COVID-19 case detected in MBBS students. The KMU authority is afraid and thinks that a single COVID-19 positive student can easily infect others with devastating effects. Therefore they conduct a meeting with the deans and principles of various public and private medical and dental colleges. After getting suggestions from the other members, they finalize to conduct MBBS and BDS students’ examinations in their respective colleges. Suppose any students desire to give their exam near their homes. In that case, they will allow doing after getting approvals by writing an application and recommendations from the concerned colleges.

They also ordered that only those students who are taking examinations will allow staying at their colleges’ hostels. Other students directed to take care of their health and ensure their strict adherence to the COVID-19 SOPs.

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