KPK Govt Issue Notification Regarding Risk Allowance 2022 of F & W Department 


The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa issued a notification regarding the risk allowance for the Forest and Wildlife Department. According to the latest notification, the government of KPK decided to issue the risk allowance at the rate of 100% of the basic pay of 2008 to the staff of Forest & Wildlife Department BPS (07-16) w.e.f. 1st July 2022 as under. For the ease of applicant, we have enlisted the name of the post with BPS along with Rate/month (on initial basic pay of 2008 scales). Not only this, but we also issue the summary of allowance along with details as well. For more details, keep scrolling

Risk Allowance of F&W Department KPK

Have a look at the risk allowance rate issued by the KPK government for F & W department 2022.

Sr. No. Name of post with BPS Rate/month (on initial basic pay of 2008 scales)
1. Wildlife Watcher (BS-07) Rs.3530/-
2. Forest Guard (BS-08) Rs.3,665/-
3. Head Watcher (Wildlife) BS-09 Rs.3,820/-
4. Forester (BS-10) Rs.3,955/-
5. Deputy Ranger (BS-11) Rs.4,115/-
6. Ranger Officer (BS-16) Rs.6,060/-

Summary of Allowance

Sr. No Allowance Description Allowance Details
1 Name of Allowance Risk Allowance
2 Rate of Allowance 100% of 2008 Pay Scales Initial pay
3 Employees BPS BPS-07 to BPS-16
4 Department Name Forest & Wildlife Department KPK
5 Effective Date 1st July 2022


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