Ministry of IT and Telecom Introduce First CS Google Program for Pakistani Students


We feel glad to share that the Ministry of IT and Telecom finally launched the Google CS first program for their students. In this modern era, Pakistan always tries their best to establish technology related things which may be helpful for students in future. Syed Amin ul Haq inaugurated this ceremony. The purpose of this program is to help students to learn digital IT technical skills and computer programming. By learning this computer skills, they will be able to earn and become a successful entrepreneur. This program is not only beneficial for students but also mandatory to compete in this digital world.

About CS Program:

CS Program is a computer programming learning program designed for the age of 9 to 14. Those who are proficient in computer skills and want to learn advanced coding can learn through video-based activities with diverse forms. Teach Valley has devised this CS Program and turn this implementation plan into reality. 

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