Murad Raas Reveals Summer Vacation Plans for Schools


On Thursday, Murad Raas ordered all private and public schools to lessen the summer vacation holidays this year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many students seem to have difficulty taking online lectures and suffer a lot of trouble in education. Therefore, Murad Ras announced officially to reduce the summer holidays in all schools across the province. The education minister took this decision in the ceremony conducted in Lahore. They held a fruitful meeting with the Standing Committee on the Chamber of Commerce for Education. The Chamber President, Mian Misbah, Vice President, Nasir Hameed, and the Serving Schools President, Mian Raza, attended it along with other officials. The rest of the people also obeyed the education minister’s order. 

Earlier, Murad Raas also finalized the decision of reopening the school. According to the latest notification, the school from grade 1 to 8 will now open from 1st February 2021. However, the classes from grade 9 to 12 shall start from 18th January 2021

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