Pakistan Budget 2022-23, Employees Demand for Increase in Salaries


Here we will talk about the coming Budget of 2022-23 in Pakistan and Govt Employees’ salary increments and demands. The Finance Division has already declared the Budget 2022-23, but it will be submitted to the National Assembly. According to the details, the Pakistan Government will announce the Budget 2022-23 in the 1st week of June (Tentative Date). 

Budget and Employees Salaries 

The government employees wait for the budget with the hope of increments in their salaries and allowances etc. Thus, the employees are also waiting for this year’s budget, and they hope that the government will listen to their demands and fulfill their needs. The government employees are facing some problems due to which they demand the government to provide them relief, but nobody answers them properly. So, they are hopeful that the Budget 2022-23 will be according to the demands

Government Employees’ Issues

Here we have mentioned some basic issues that government employees and pensioners are facing, and they want the best solution from the government. So, hopefully, the government will take these issues under consideration and solve them.

Pay and Pension Committee

The Federal Government has constituted a Pay and Pension Committee to resolve the issues regarding the employees’ salaries and pensions. But the commission couldn’t present the final report. So now, there is hope that the commission will do it before the Budget 2022-23.

Disparity Between Pay & Allowance

According to the details, the employees from the different departments receive various allowances. The employees in some departments with the same pay scale and service length are getting twice or thrice time more allowances than other departments. Some other employees are getting special allowances. However, there are some extra allowances such as Risk Allowance, Judicial Allowance, Disparity Reduction Allowances, Utility, technical, Executive, Audit & Accounts, Teaching, and Hard Area Allowance. 

However, the federal govt granted the DRA in 2021 and 2022 to the federal employees who are not receiving any special allowances. Federal employees get the DRA on the current basic pay, while the provincial employees receive it on initial basic pay. On the other hand, employees don’t even get the Disparity reduction Allowance in Punjab, Sindh, and Balochistan. 

Revised Pay Scale 2022 and Adhoc Relief Allowances

Currently, the employees are receiving the following Ahoce Relief Allowances.

  • 2016 @ 10% (Frozen)
  • 2017 @ 10% (on running basic pay)
  • 2018 @ 10% (on running basic pay)
  • 2019 @ 10% (BPS-01 to BPS-16) and 5% (BPS-16 & above) (on running basic pay)
  • 2021 @ 10% (on running basic pay)

At the same time, there has been no revision in the pay scales over the last five years. So, the employees demand to revise the pay scale and merge the five Adhoc reliefs into the basic pay. Thus, according to the employees’ demand, the government should announce the revised pay scale 2022 in July 2022.

Pension increments

Pensioners are the most affected category who didn’t receive any benefits for a long time. The government employees get the allowances and benefits/reliefs, but pensioners don’t receive any. Thus, pensioners are facing mots difficult time. Now, the government should take steps for the pensioners and announce to increase their pensions up to 20-30% in the Budget 2022-23.

Other than this, the employees are also demanding some other allowance and insurance. Below is the complete list of the employees’ issues, and they want the solutions to their demands.

  • Group Insurance
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA)
  • Medical Allowance
  • Conveyance Allowance
  • Posts Upgrading
  • Time-Scale Promotion
  •  Advance increments
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